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Fidget toys: What are they? and WHY are they so popular?

Fidget toys: What are they? and WHY are they so popular?

First there were Yo-Yo's and Rubik’s cubes, then rainbow looms, dabbing and bottle flipping. This decade, the hot new trend on the schoolyard is fidget toys.

So, what are they? Fidget toys are tiny, pocket-sized toys intended to keep hands busy. A step up from stress balls, they typically feature little buttons, switches and joysticks that move back and forth, or propellers that spin.

That’s pretty much it. That’s all they do.







But the toys are being marketed as stress relievers or to help kids burn up pent-up energy that so often gets them into trouble. Some claim to have been modeled after stress tools for kids with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder); others say they’re just for fun.

The most popular of the fidget toys are fidget spinners that are mesmerizing to simply watch, but can also be used for tricks.

 Fidget Cube Fidget Spinner Fidget Pad Fidget Pen

The Idea of a "Fidget Toy" is not new. Every decade had a fidget toy.  

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